Adding functional content in a virtual tour aims at providing opportunity for your business to communicate actively in online environment with its clients, to deliver messages to them and open gateways to new informative and/or commercial platforms.

Turning your spot into virtual venue is not just cover-making – it gives your business a competitive edge that entertain and engage your visitors in unparalleled manner.

The power of S2our is that your business presentation is in your own hands- your ideas are illustrated with your content and it’s solely in your hands to promote yourself as per your understandings and style.

Register with S2our- Choose a subscription package- Pay for it!

In three easy steps you gain access to an awesome tool for do-it-yourself enhancement of your virtual tour. In your profile you will find a user-friendly manual of how to build the interactive face of your business.

S2tour offers a variety of opportunities to suit diverse purposes. Thanks to a user-friendly navigation menu you can take customers to their area of interest. You can mark with PINs the most attractive parts of your location to highlight the importance of the marked spots and dense them with marketing, sales, other information. Create brand awareness by placing your logo on top of the navigation menu. Think of smart texts to catch your customers’ attention, put nice pictures and attractive videos. It’s there for you- practical, fast and easy!

The selection of content for your tour enhancements is subject to your needs, creative ideas and marketing concepts. You can upload general company information, announce interesting events, communicate promotions, stress on specific areas and assets of your place. You can create dynamic links to external sources of information, deliver messages in an attractive wat to anyone interested in your business. Whatever your imagination builds as a concept and you have the content for can appear in an enhanced tour.

S2out team is always available to support you. If you experience any technical difficulties, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Payments on S2our are done with credit card. You will be able to follow all your orders, payments and invoices through your personal S2our account. You can start creating your improved business presentations immediately after you have a registered account and a successful payment.

Once you’ve paid for a subscription plan and have your tour done it will be available for one year. You will be regularly notified when your subscription is close to expiration, so that you renew your packages and continue to market your business in interactively.

You can have your enhanced tour embedded in your existing website and your Facebook page.

S2our is a do-it-yourself tool. If you cannot put in practice your creative ideas and if you want richer presentation of your offerings in a custom concept, please, contact us. Together we’ll design the most attractive concept for your business and it will be presented like never before.

Yes, you can enhance as many tours from your account as location you have. You can also work out different concepts for one and the same tour and present them in separate enhanced pieces of art. Just have in mind that for each tour you are enhancing you need to have a subscription package bought.

The features of each subscription package are available per tour. They cannot be combined for wider enhancement coverage of a tour.

You can update your tour content through your personal profile as often as you as your wish and need. Any time you have news to share, event to show or you are introducing a new product or service, you can interactively communicate it with your customers through the features for enhancing.

By design S2our is created as simple and accessible as possible, so that every regular online user can turn his image virtual tour in a practical tool fast and easy. You don’t need to possess any outstanding technical skills. For any doubts that you might have, you can consult the User manual, available in your personal Profile section or get in touch with us.